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Safety Pool Fence
Q: What if I need service years later?
A We offer a maintenance program. Free Maintenance through our referral program. Your referrals helps us. We want our fence always looking great! We stand behind our installs.

Q: How fast can I have it installed?
A We always have fence in stock. You need immediate response. We Install within a week.

Q: Does it pass for a code fence?
A That’s up to your code official. We provide the documents they need. Always check first.

Q: How long will it last?
A A lifetime of peace of mind. Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our product!

Q: How strong is your fence?
A There is no stronger fence. 1/4" heavy gauge poles. Basket weave Mesh.

Q: I’m concerned about the holes in my deck?
A Wet core drilled no cracks or chips. Perfect sleeved holes. Ground caps in beige or gray.

Q: What about the aesthetics?
A Most transparent fence. Preserves the natural look. Removes in sections.

Q: Will this affect my use of the pool?
A Perfect for frequent use. Self closing gate gives more convenience. Impossible for a child

Q: Will this work on my pool?
A We Customize. We install in multiple surfaces. Irregular shapes – no problem!

Q: What are the advantages of a removable swimming pool safety fence?
A Removable and compact. All year use & in all weather conditions. Convenient access by an adult.

Safety Pool Gates

Safety Pool Covers
Q: How long will it take to get a cover?
A Custom pools take longer – plan for it early. Stock covers can be done within 2 weeks. Installs require 1 day.

Q: How long will they last?
A 12 Year warranty on all covers. Can last 15 to 20 years. Follow maintenance procedures.

Q: How strong are they?
A They can easily support an adult. They can hold a car! Never let the pool level drop 18” from deck surface.

Q: What about the holes in my deck?
A All covers require drilling. We use wet core drill method. No cracking or chipping.

Q: Will the cover affect the aesthetics?
A Flush to pool deck. All anchors flush. Colors available.

Q: Can I remove it myself?
A Yes – It’s easier using 2 people though. Cover tools provided. Tutorial given on removal & install.

Q: Can it fit my irregular shaped pool?
A Yes –Custom measured. Rocks, ladders water features – No problem. Custom means more deck space.

Q: What are the advantages of PermaGuard Solid?
A 100% sunlight blocked. Strongest tear strength. Cleanest pool opening.

Q: What are the advantages of rugged mesh?
A 99% sunlight blocked. Keeps fine particals out. Clener openings.

Q: What are the advantages of the Lite Mesh?
A Affordable 12 year warranty. Easier to handle when removing. Most versatility.

Safety Pool Alarms
Q: How loud are the alarms?
A Most 85-100 Decible. Alarms at the pool. Alarms inside the house. Safety turtle sounds where you plug in base station.

Q: Will the nieghbors alarm cause interference?
A Typically – No. They use different frequencies. Safety turtle has different color wristbands.

Q: How far can the remote be placed?
A Up to 200’. Depends on obstructions between house and pool. Always test first.

Q: What about a waterfall, will an alarm work?
A Yes! Must be placed away from waterfall. Turn waterfall on at install.

Q: I have an above ground pool, what works best?
A Pool Guard’s above ground pool alarm. Keep away from jets. Sleep mode feature.

Q: What about my pool cleaner and false alarms?
A Depends on the pool cleaner. They are rare but do happen. We will instruct you on proper usage.

Q: Will the Alarms you have meet code?
A Yes! We know the code in your area. We will tell you which one meets code.

Q: Do they require installation?
A Free installs with fence. Easy in most cases. Batteries may be required.

Q: Which pool alarm do you recommend?
A We only carry the best. More the better. Think in Layers.

Q: What if my pool is larger than size recommended?
A You need an extra alarm then. Safety turtle works in any size pool. Most remote recievers have a 200’ range.

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