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Safety Pool Alarms

Pool & entry alarms are essential layers of protection and a code requirement in many areas. A safe and fun environment is achieved by combining layers of safety. If one layer fails there must be another one in place. Here are some additional safety layers we recommend.


In ground Pool Alarm by Poolguard is the most reliable, advanced, and affordable alarm available for in ground pools.

  • Sleep Mode for using the pool
  • Works up to 20’ x 40’ (800 sq. ft.)
  • In house remote receiver included
  • Alarm sounds in house and at pool
  • Less false alarms sensing technology

Above ground Pool Alarm by Poolguard
is the most reliable, advanced, and affordable alarm available for above ground pools.

  • Designed for above ground pools
  • Sleep Mode for using your pool
  • Works up to 30’ in diameter above ground pools
  • In house remote receiver included
  • Alarms sounds in house and at pool

Door Alarm by Poolguard
is designed as an initial layer of protection, alerting you if your child has walked outside.

  • Sounds immediately when child opens the door
  • Wireless bypass transmitter included 
  • Battery operated
  • Only alarm listed under UL 
  • Optional screen door kits available

Gate Alarm by Poolguard
is designed to alert you when a child has wandered into the pool area through an unsecured gate.

  • Can be used on any outside gate or door
  • Alarm is always armed and ready
  • Battery Operated
  • Adult bypass switch
  • Loud 85 dB horn

Safety Turtle
a personal immersion alarm giving continuous protection to the wearer. Almost completely eliminates false alarms. Includes one turtle wristband & a standard base station

  • No installation required
  • Sounds instantly when immersed in water
  • Wristband locks securely on child’s wrist
  • Completely portable. Take it with you!
  • Wristbands can be added for more children

Pet Immersion Alarm
for your dog or cat who may not be able to swim. Includes one turtle with Velcro collar adapter and a standard base station.

  • No installation required
  • Sounds instantly when turtle is immersed in water
  • Rain from the ground won’t false trigger the alarm
  • Small enough to be worn by the tiniest cat or dog
  • Works with all fresh water or man made pool

Wireless Gate Alarm with Bypass
enhances the security of a safety fence. It's an add-on to the basic system and does not come with a base station.

  • It is wireless!
  • Adult bypass disarms for 11 seconds
  • Operates in year round weather conditions
  • Battery lasts 30,000 entries
  • Low battery tester


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"This is the best idea to protect my kids that I ever had. I will definitely recommend you." - Stuart B.

"I didn’t really think it could keep my son out. It’s a lot more effective than I thought it would be." - Charlotte E.

"We looked at several of the other pool fences on the market and we were most impressed by the strength of your fence poles. " - Rob D.

"You have no idea how much better I feel with this new pool fence. I can trust their grandmother to babysit now." - Linda R.

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